We must leave our comfort zone urgently, reprogram our mind, make our dreams permanently latent all the time (even when we dream) and skip the obstacles that behavior patterns present to us.

Your life will be behavioral.

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THE 3 PILLARS: This book explains the state in which one is, the reasons that led us to the place where we are and understand that, recognizing the comfort zone where we are but we do not wish to be at due to the behavioral patterns that were taught to us, we have the possibility to reprogram them according to what we want with the value we have.

Don't settle, go for more. Reprogram your mind.

Verónica Fanjul. Your coaching

  • Comfort Zone I
  • Comfort Zone II
  • Comfort Zone III
  • Patterns of conduct I
  • Patterns of conduct II
  • Patterns of conduct III
  • Mental Reprogramming I
  • Mental Reprogramming II
  • Mental Reprogramming III