Do not let anyone manipulate you. You have already learned who are toxic beings for you and those who are not, so DON'T LET YOURSELF BE MANIPULATED. You have the gift of being able to travel the path you want.

If you stumble, CONTINUE!


MANIPULATION: Tools to avoid these harmful feelings. You have to think that you can reverse them as you exercise these ideas

If you have an optimistic spirit, you will look for the positive side of the circumstances around you. For that you have to accept that there are no people ideas than others. Simply, someone optimistic goes straight and seek positive situations that surround 5. whom more positive things happen to. Your focus will go to the search for the good things in life and appreciate them.

Verónica Fanjul. Your Coaching

  • Attitude and thoughts
  • Learn to treat you better
  • Light luggage walk
  • Paths of forgiveness
  • Global coherence
  • Submission
  • There are cruel people in disguise with lambskin
  • HO’ponopono
  • Identify depression
  • The blame
  • The gag.
  • The manipulation.
  • Crumbs of love.
  • No one loses by giving love.
  • Prosperity and abundance.
  • What we feel when we are ashamed.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Three types of losses.
  • Gender violence