Do not get trapped in 1. LONELINESS, go out to LIFE, do not be AFRAID, you will find WONDERFUL things.

Come on, GO!


LONELINESS: If they have made you believe that you are alone, you are wrong, they just want to mislead you more.

If you want, with our help, you can learn that there is a wonderful world to discover and enjoy.

Don't be afraid. Face them. Find that courage in you and use it to get out of there and live as you dreamed!

Verónica Fanjul. Your Coaching

  • Can I be happy despite not meeting social demands?
  • Is it possible to meet all these requirements?
  • Would you be happy if I fulfilled them?
  • Would it be me, living the life I want?
  • Are there people who don't fit this pattern and still are happy?
  • Does my effort to fit those expectations guarantee me happiness?