Identify each of your emotions and, based on that, choose what you look forward to live.

Always put yourself first, because depending on how you handle your feelings and emotions, your life can be one way or another.

Let's learn to handle them.


EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS: 22 chapters so that we learn to know well what we feel. What emotions we have. You don't care about others. Identifying will then allow you to choose what emotions or feelings you want to live with, because you will choose, as long as you allow it, how you want to live.

Verónica Fanjul. Your Coaching

  • Emotions (your identification)
  • Learning to handle them
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Shachter, Singer and Cannon-Bard Theory
  • Theory of emotions
  • Relating emotions with well-being
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • The body as a recipient of the emotional
  • Feedback of emotions and feelings
  • Other views
  • Goleman and his emotional intelligence
  • Controlling emotions
  • Difference between emotions and feelings
  • Characteristics of emotions
  • The 6 most unpleasant basic emotions
  • What are the feelings
  • Can you influence your emotions and feelings?
  • Ask for help
  • More feelings
  • 16 feelings we can experience
  • Emotions, feelings and passions
  • Emotional intelligence